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“Nature, Heritage, Design together, conserve and preserve for contemporary living. Ancient skills, natural materials, environmental respect.”

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Celebrate the beauty of nature this Autumn with original designs and creative ideas. Make the most of your outdoor areas or, bring into your home the essence of the nature world as the nights grow longer.

NEW range of sculptural willow animals, Autumn Lanterns and other original items coming very soon.

Now demand has slowed the BEE SKEPS, orders can be made and dispatched to you within 4 weeks. Skep making Kits (materials and tools), Bee Skep making instruction booklets are all now in stock.

CUSTOM ORDERS a specialty. Ecolistic Artworks loves working alongside customers to create the unique item especially for them, including site specific. From customer's idea, to the design work ,to the making, images of progress and communication all the way!

SHIPPING out of the UK, Ecolistic Artworks will be supplying some items which can be exported worldwide very shortly.

WORKSHOPS AND EVENTS Look out for the exciting workshops and classes through the year! We have site specific sculpture and seating, Willow Animal Sculpture, Hedgerow Baskets, Environmental Art and Skep Making this Autumn along with other events. Find Ecolistic Artworks on facebook for up to date details.

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Eco-listic Artworks

Bringing Nature and Heritage together, to conserve and preserve for future lifestyles and contemporary living.

I have always been fascinated by the the natural world. The changes in the seasons, growth, decay and how it effects the landscape and all that is within it.

For me sustainability is important that is why I use natural materials and reclaimed items in my work. Each type of material has a character of it's own affected by the weather it grow in and, where it grew this effects each individual piece of work.

After recently acquiring an untouched ancient woodland in South West Wales on the edge of the Pembrokeshire National Park, I am striving to build upon traditional rural skills that are part of our heritage and bringing them back to life in contemporary designs for our modern way of living. I believe the creation of my art should have as little impact on the environment as possible.

For over 15 years I have been working as an Artist. I also create site Specific Sculpture, Environmental Art, run workshops, Project Manage Art Residencies, and I am a qualified Teacher of Design Technology/Art.

I hope you enjoy the pieces I have made as much as I have enjoyed designing and making them. Each have there own story.