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About Snapdragon Designs LTD.

Snapdragon Designs LTD.

Experimenting with everything we can get our hands on to design and create the objects we find in our heads.

So I started Snapdragon Designs back in 2012 as an outlet for my hand made books, as I was getting really depressed with commuting to London day in day out to a job as a professional bookbinder. Although it was a job which I loved and I worked for well known galleries, photographers and restaurants I needed to do my own thing. After 10 years working for the bindery I started to have problems with my wrist and elbow and knew that I was going to need to find something else to do with my life which is when John got involved and we started designing the Acrylic jewellery and of course the skylines too.

A few years on we now make all kinds of things, mostly featuring our skylines, which was an idea I randomly woke up with one day.
We make everything ourselves except our mugs, although we do make the clever coaster box our mugs come in. A little while ago we decided to try our hand at screen printing and that seems to have worked out pretty well with our new range of cushions, tea towels and bags.

Our studio is in our back garden and was built by John and my Dad, it's the best thing I've ever owned and our 3 Cats and 2 Chickens love to keep us company there!

Everything we make in our studio goes through our hands. Our cards are hand folded and then hand assembled, our homeware is hand screen printed and then ironed by me to seal the print, the jewellery is all hand assembled and filed before being packaged.

Back in 2015 we did our first trade fair in Harrogate called the BCTF which has lead us to designs for the likes of The Natural History Museum, Kew Gardens, Fenwicks, Museums Sheffield, Dreamland and Huttons as well as lots of lovely small independant shops.

One thing I learned from working as a bookbinder for so many years is that nothing leaves my studio unless it meets my standards.