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Wild Way

“Eco friendly materials and inspiration from nature are transformed into organic bags, natural cushions, home decor, soaps and candles.”

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Wild Way

I make products that are kind to environment and people, these are: home decor, pillows, candles, soaps, and organic bags.

have my feet in the city but my heart is in the countryside. I feel a real urge to spend time in wilderness on regular basis. Bewitched by this environment, I tend to get most of inspiration for my products from the nature itself.

I am an environmental scientist and hence I tend to be a strict judge being an ethical consumer myself. I make sure that the materials I buy ( wool, organic fabrics, essential oils, beeswax, packaging ) are manufactured in a sustainable fashion taking people and environment in consideration, are free from pesticides and harmful substances and have a low carbon footprint.

Products from this shop will reflect your taste of high quality ecological materials, and unique natural products that you would choose for your home or as a special gift. Bring nature to your health infused home and contribute to a greener world for all!

ps If you live in London, zones 1-2, I will jump on my green machine - a bicycle and deliver it to your doors free of charge. :)