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Colourful art inspired by nature as well as handcrafted jewellery, bags and purses

I am an artist, tutor and maker and love all things nature inspired. My paintings are always linked to an aspect of nature one way or another and I especially enjoy painting using oils. However I can't resist playing with other materials and I dabble in collage, printmaking, sewing crafts and jewellery making. From time to time I may come across something else I must have a go at and become completely obsessed with it! I always think it's important to run with ideas and seize the creative moment!

I've been painting, drawing and making things since I was small: of course my dollies needed dresses in the latest fabrics and as I came from a creative family there was always bits of fabric lying around as my Mum used to sew. My real love though is painting and I cannot think of anything more joyful than being able to express a feeling or experience relating to nature through my art. It often comes from just seeing a beautiful flower or bird.

I essentially have two spaces where I make my work: my studio where I paint and teach many different aspects of drawing and painting and my spare room! I do all sorts there from painting small pieces to sewing crafts. Nique's Boutique is all about bringing together my creative pieces whether it is an original oil painting or a hand crafted clasp purse.