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Marie Randell

“Creating unique handmade items in my Cornish seaside home.”

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Made in the Temple

Small bags and purses fashioned with fabric, embroidery, beads, buttons and jewellery.

Hi, my name is Marie. A baby of the swinging 60s I have crafted almost all my life. I started as a 7 year old being taught by my Mum to cut dress patterns from brown paper and hand sew dolls clothes from her old summer dresses. I received my first hand Singer sewing machine at 11 and it is still in service today. I have tried many crafts over the years, when time and funds allowed but my first love will always be needlework.

When I hit my 50th birthday it was now or never to start a little craft business and I decided to call myself Made in the Temple after the garden building I crafted in.. I started out creating and selling bean bag dolls but when I couldn't find a really stylish small clutch I decided to make my own and the business has taken this direction. It helps that I have a passion for bags and purses.

Sewing with wire has also become a hobby and making hearts sewn with buttons and embellishments has become part of my business.

I never tire of being able to take a piece of fabric and a few embellishments and be able to create something unique and beautiful. With the vast array of different fabrics now available to the home sewer I am experimenting with faux leather and vinyls and drawing on my paper crafting and jewellery making skills to make unique and different bags and purses. I love scouring antique markets, charity shops and emporiums for pieces of fabric and jewellery and I often find a bag in my porch with bits and bobs friends and neighbours have left me because they thought I might be able to use them and they are probably correct.

Having just moved to Cornwall, I now have an indoor craft room with a sea view and am inspired by this very creative county.
Watch this space for what I create next. Thank you for popping in and hope to see you again soon.