Butterscotch & Beesting

“The story of a magical imaginary circus, told through handmade textiles, ceramics and illustrations.”

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About Butterscotch & Beesting

Butterscotch & Beesting

Butterscotch and Beesting - The Story of a Circus

Butterscotch and Beesting is the story of a circus, imagined by me, Camilla. I created the world of Butterscotch and Beesting because I love drawing, colour, patterns and probably most of all, storytelling. So I whisked these together and (ta da!) the circus of Betty Butterscotch and Bumblewick Beesting appeared . . .

I start by drawing a character or a circus motif (I'm partial to a triangle) and then take that illustration about play about with it, sometimes using it as as the basis for a repeat pattern for textiles, sometimes turning into a screen print and sometimes applying it to clay to make porcelain beakers or even lamp bases. I mostly use my fabrics to make cushions, lampshades, tea towels and other bits and pieces. So if you're looking for circus themed homeware, you've come to the right place!

Apart from my imaginary circus, I also have three delicious children (I try my best not to eat them) called Teen, Middle and Pia. These are not their real names. Apart from the last one. She is actually called Pia.

We share our house with four ridiculous cats, a pygmy hedgehog called Herb and 27 quiet fish . . . that last number seems to go up and down quite a bit. My family come from Denmark, so I like to believe I can still speak Danish. I can't... I also have very mixed feelings about the rise of "hygge" and can sometimes be found pounding the streets of Sheffield with a "Don't let the marketing people steal my 'hygge'" sign in hand. I choose my battles carefully.

Thank you for coming and making it all the way to the end of this bit.