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“Hand Selected and Handmade Craft Supplies”

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About Beyond The Square

Beyond The Square

Handmade accessories for people who knit and crochet

Hi I'm Cassie and I run Beyond The Square! :)

I have been around on and off selling the odd piece here since Dec 2014 , but i have now finally got round to setting up my shop properly!

I work in IT for a day job and it can get very stressful and boring so to unwind and relax I have always crocheted, knitted and been generally crafty.

One day when I was on maternity leave expecting my now 1 year old son my husband suggested why not try and sell some of the bits I make to add a bit of income whilst I was off. So I did!

That seems to go down a storm and I started taking made to order requests and expanding my repertoire and bang here we are today!

My ethos is handmade is better! My house is full of things I make, I try not to buy mass produced products if I can help it, I try to source my wool and yarn from the UK makers/stockists where possible and if not I use the best I can find.

I am more than happy to take customer orders for things not in my shop, kiddies cloths, blankets and anything you can think of.

Thank you for visiting my shop!