Wiktorski Ceramics

Nicola Wiktorski

“I make bespoke, quirky, handmade pottery for the home and garden from a little village in Yorkshire. ”

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My passion is to create unique pieces of contemporary pottery for the home and garden. MADE WITH LOVE

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About Wiktorski Ceramics

Wiktorski Ceramics

I am a ceramic artist of weird and wonderful bespoke creations. I believe there is something very unique about a hand-made product. There is an obvious difference between hand-made and mass produced ceramics.

Hi, my name is Nicola and I work from my studio in a little village in Yorkshire.

My love for pottery started when I was 14 years old and has continued ever since. I realised I had a natural talent with clay and this developed over my school years. I then went on to study GCSE and A' level Art & Design. This lead me onto a degree at Staffordshire University studying BA (Hons) Design: Ceramics. While at university I was chosen to exhibit my ceramics at The Royal College of Art in London. This was a touring exhibition which went onto Staffordshire and Glasgow.

I am now a designer/maker of quirky pottery for the home and garden.

My inspirations come from the natural world which I find many people take for granted such as organic pods, fruits, trees, animals, coral reefs and wall surfaces. I am fascinated in discovering the textural quality of such forms and develop this into my work.

Each piece is made by hand using a combination of slab building, plaster moulds and free hand design. I work exclusively in stoneware and pour each glaze by hand using my own secret recipes which I have developed over the years of creating pottery.

I am constantly finding a different technique for creating a new texture or mark onto the clay. I allow the obvious joins in the clay to be totally visbible to the eye as it has become an important element to my ceramics as is the natural, organic nature of my work.

Each piece of pottery is designed with the natural world in mind, this has therefore inspired me to design and make garden sculptures which can be placed outdoors amongst the plants and nature itself. All of my pottery can withstand all weathers allowing it to be a permanent feature in your garden though every season.

Each piece is individually hand-made as an exclusive, bespoke piece of contemporary art and will vary slightly in colour, texture and design.