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Drawings with a twist - and a border

I love to be creative, and to experiment and try new crafts and techniques. Inspiration comes from many sources, whether it be Nature, film, something seen in the street, old manuscripts, ancient ceramics and textiles, or just an idea which pops into my head. It's certainly unpredictable, and sometimes keeps me awake at night, when ideas flood in and I have to get up and jot them down!

In the 1960s I took design classes with Trata Drescha, a mosaicist, in which we concentrated on patterns and their variations - something we humans have been creating since we first made images. Patterns are everywhere, and they form a huge part of my current work.

In my crafting life I've had a knitwear stall in the Jubilee Market at Covent Garden, where I made and sold knitwear I'd designed and either made myself or had made by local ladies. I have a longstanding passion for photography, particularly black-and-white portraiture. I've designed and made tent-stitch embroideries, and flirted with both watercolour and oil painting. In recent years, I became interested in textiles and ventured into bag-making using bought materials or those I'd made myself, either woven, knitted and/or felted. I've bought a 4-shaft loom, on which I have produced scarves (if only I had more hours in the day to really play with that!). I make quilts, nowadays mainly for children with long-term or life-threatening illnesses - my heart and soul go into those! and I've also begun making knitted and crocheted blankets for Sands (the Neonatal and Stillbirth Society). And I've returned to drawing, initially taking a couple of my embroidery designs and producing decorative pen and ink drawings from them, then progressing to a variety of new designs - all with decorative borders, which are a passion of mine. Leading on from there, in a natural progression, |'m now venturing into the world of the linocut. There's so much to try and to learn!

In my Folksy shop you'll find some of my drawings, and I aim to add to my collection over the next few months with new drawing designs, photographs (another passion!) and perhaps some linocut prints. The image above is the early stage of a lino cut of my favourite drawing - Tiger Night. A bit of a challenge for a novice, but I'm giving it a go. I suspect it will take several attempts and a bit of re-thinking!

In the two and a half years since we moved to Chatteris my brother died, and we've had two major family traumas, so my creative life went on hold for a while. However, I'm now getting back on track and the ideas are flowing.

I hope you'll like what I do, and come back from time to time to see what's new.