Sweetpea Pet Memorials

“Beautifully crafted memorial pouches to hold your beloved pet's ashes.”

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About Sweetpea Pet Memorials

Sweetpea Pet Memorials

Beautifully crafted memorial pouches to hold your beloved pet's ashes

Do you ever feel that small pets are marginalised? Somehow their small size seems to indicate they have less worth, less value or less impact. My experience says this is not true. Though small pets take up less physical space, their souls are just as huge as that of a dog, a cat or a horse.

Off and on, I have shared my whole life with budgies. As pets, they are my first love. For me, home is not really home unless there is at least one budgie in it.

Sadly, there is a time when they go to Rainbow Bridge. In recent years I have chosen to have them cremated. Their ashes were returned in basic bamboo pouches. Such vibrant, colourful beings, reduced to a bland, nondescript home. It did not seem right. They needed something that reflected their individuality and something uplifting to show more thanks for their life. It was then I decided to sew a pouch for their remains. The act of making the little pouches helped with my grief. Having a more fitting resting place for them also helped me to move onto the pleasant memories.

I decided to give this option to others and in doing so, give small pets more representation in this area and also highlight that though small, their loss is huge.

When choosing a name, I looked into flowers and their symbolism. Sweet pea flowers can be gifted to a loved one when saying farewell. They represent a gentle and loving parting, by giving thanks for the time you have had together, and showing appreciation for them. The flower brings hope that you will be reunited.