Niddy Noddy Knits

“Traditionally handmade textiles in the heart of the Black Country”

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About Niddy Noddy Knits

Niddy Noddy Knits

Traditionally handmade textiles, made in the heart of the Black Country

I’m Josephine from Niddy Noddy Knits, the home of traditionally handmade textiles in the heart of the Black Country.
Knitting was my first fibre love, having been taught at the age of 7 by my Nan in the 1970’s. I was fascinated by the science of manipulating the lurid green yarn with knitting needles and transforming it into a piece of fabric. As I got older I experimented with spinning, weaving and feltmaking which led me to gain a degree in crafts. Since then I have been helping adults with disabilities to make handmade textiles to sell and now nearly 30 years later I am increasingly fascinated by the art of constructing textiles, allowing myself more time to do this. The lurid green yarn has now been replaced by luxurious natural yarns such as baby alpaca, silk and British wools, also vegan yarns such as linen, sugar cane, and banana fibre, many of them hand dyed or handspun.
My trusty tools are rigid heddle looms, a handmade spinning wheel, a vintage 4 shaft loom and a vintage knitting machine. I also use a niddy noddy which is a tool to wind handspun yarn into a skein.
Niddy Noddy Knits’ aim is to create something beautiful to be worn or adorn your home, with a contemporary feel but made in a traditional way. All of my creations are lovingly made in my small Victorian terraced house in the heart of the Black Country, an area known for it’s history, culture and industry.

As they say in these parts “ Ta ra a bit “