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About fingerprickinggood


I hope you get as much joy out of my items as I do creating them.

Hi I'm Angie, I live in West Yorkshire. I started doing embroidery when I was suffering anxiety and found it really helped keep my mind occupied, this then evolved into hand and machine sewing, which reflects in the items I have in my shop.
At the beginning of 2018 I taught myself to crochet and have fallen in love with it, I will be listing these one off items in my shop soon, as well as some fabric and craft supplies I have managed to amass over time, LOL.
I share my home with my partner, a rescued greyhound and four cats, this does not mean that your items will be covered in hairs, all my items are kept in storage boxes upstairs and away from the furries. All items are closely scrutinised before posting.
I previously had another online shop where I sold over 800 items.
I have a large inventory of about 600 hand made items ready to list, so please keep popping back to see what's new.
regards Angie x