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Dog Rose Crafts
Dog Rose Crafts

“Traditional canal art with a modern twist. Hand-made on a boat in Somerset.”

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  • Green hand-painted folk art enamel mug

    Green hand-painted folk art...

    Dog Rose Crafts

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  • White and red hand-painted canal art mug with rose design

    White and red hand-painted ...

    Dog Rose Crafts

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About Dog Rose Crafts

Dog Rose Crafts

"Have nothing in your house you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." - William Morris

I am a craftsperson living on a narrowboat in Somerset. I have always thought there was something enchanting about decorative folk art made by people in history wanting to bring beauty to their lives.

Canal art - often referred to as 'Roses and Castles', after the two main motifs - arose in the Industrial Revolution in Britain, when mass production and poor living conditions became the norm for most workers. Bargees - men and their families who lived and worked on the canals - took great pride in keeping their boats pristine and intricately decorated, and the tradition has continued to this day!

I love decorating practical things, such as mugs and other kitchenware. Anything you buy from my shop is suitable for daily use, can be washed (by hand) and should last many years if cared for.


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