Beach Shack Project
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“Ahoy Thar! My name is Hannah and I design sea glass & sea pottery jewellery :-)”

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About Beach Shack Project

Beach Shack Project

Sea Glass Jewellery - Purveyor of Beach Bling!

My name is Hannah and I am a purveyor of beach bling! I make primarily sea glass jewellery, made using glass, or ceramics that have been polished by the waves against the sand. Each piece you see has not been altered by me and is exactly as I found it on the beach

. My work stems around a central idea of taking objectionable elements and altering them so they then become objects of desire. The concept of imperfections being beautiful and items of little worth being transformed into contemporary designs revolves around the found objects I use within my work. Most of my materials are gathered from the coast whilst beachcombing so my jewellery is heavily influenced by this.

Other inspiration comes from Ancient Cultures jewellery, as well the more traditional and often underlooked macraméd hemp jewellery beloved and made iconic by the surf fraternity.

The idea that jewellery has a purpose purely to be decorative may be applicable to mass produced pieces but jewellery first emerged as a way of expressing what we did, and ourselves, who we were. The oldest known pieces of jewellery date from 100,000 years ago and consist of shells with holes bored with sharpened flint. Although a shell necklace from 100,000 years ago may contrast aesthetically with a necklace made recently, they will both have been worn by people with links to the sea.

Although my work is heavily focused on using found objects, often detrimental to the coastal ecosystem, my work didn’t begin as a recycling project. I use the beach as a platform for gathering new ideas and materials, and then the pieces design themselves in my head. I never see what I find as rubbish, but just an unfinished part of something else.