Press Genepy

Victoria Barton

“Cards and Ballads from the Common Press ”

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About Press Genepy

Press Genepy

Cards and Ballads from the Common Press

Since school, I've been interested in printmaking and especially the lino and woodcut techniques. Although life has taken me in many different directions, I have never lost my love for this art form. My inspiration is the early modern era : Tudors, Stuarts and the Baroque. But rather than looking to the high art of Sun Kings and palaces, I choose the everyday, ephemeral and folk life of the streets, cottages and fields as the well spring of my art. Almanacs, tavern games, ballads, are my sources and the images I make, I hope, will evoke a feeling for and collective memory of those far off days where our ancestors lived, so different and yet so similar to our own lives.