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“The chief enemy of creativity is good sense. - Pablo Picasso”

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This is the place where you find simple but pretty designs hand painted on t-shirts and bags!!

Thanks for looking at my shop!

I've started painting on t-shirts and bags not long ago, encouraged by my boyfriend who saw my creativity and skills in other things I used to make. Initially, I painted for my family and friends but then I thought it would be a great idea to share my designs with more people using this online shop and my Twitter account.

I draw and paint the designs you see entirely by hand, I don't use any sort of printer nor iron-on transfers. My tools are: paper and pencil (and rubber) for planning the drawing and its size, and fabric paints and pens on t-shirts. My art is still not perfect, but I'm already getting better at it!

I have three big and lovely dogs, that keep me inspired and happy all the time.

I hope you enjoy my simple art and feel happy about wearing one of my designs!!