Kfiatek Gifted Hands

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Kfiatek Gifted Hands
Kfiatek Gifted Hands

Ewa Trojanowska Plus

“Cufflinks and other jewelry”

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About Kfiatek Gifted Hands

Kfiatek Gifted Hands

Personalized map jewellery and accessories made to your order.

I am Ewa, Polish artist living in the UK for 5 years now. I graduated Design on Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland, but I sticked to my hobby which was and still is - jewellery design and making. I started this passion about 14 years ago and I keep exploring it. When my dad showed me what is inside a watch I started to collect little antiques, then I started to use them in my jewellery. I believe that we have it all. But sometimes we forget the past which was and still is - really charming and deserves to be among us again! I am a mother of two little girls and a wife of a great guy who happens to be a vet. But we don`t have any animals (yet!)