Jenny Gilbert Jewellery

“Using the traditional pearl in contemporary design. Made with ethically sourced materials. ”

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About Jenny Gilbert Jewellery

Jenny Gilbert Jewellery

Contemporary jewellery using ethically sourced sterling silver and pearl, inspired by nature and 100% handmade.

I live and work in a beautiful victorian apartment building in Leeds. I began making jewellery in art college in 2008, my tutor had noticed my unshakable patience for painstaking work and suggested I try my hand a jewellery making - and I've never looked back!

I went on to study Contemporary Jewellery and University for 3 years, graduating with a first class BA Honours. Up until April 2017 I had been making my work along side working as a chef full time, but I'm very happy to say that I am now making jewellery FULL TIME!!!

For one day a week I work in an incredible little gallery called The Leeds Craft and Design Centre. The gallery stocks around 400 makers and is an incredibly inspirational and supportive place to work.

I am inspired by nature, art and other work by incredible makers. I often spend hours pouring over my many Contemporary Jewellery books. I enjoy using traditional themes and materials in my work and turning them into something modern.

This collection was driven by the idea of using the traditional pearl in contemporary jewellery design - I wanted my jewellery to have a distinctly modern feel whilst using conventional materials. Oxidising the silver highlights the beauty of the pearl. It gives the silver an industrial aesthetic which highlights the delicate lustre of the pearl beautifully.

The silver and gold industry uses mining techniques which are damaging to the environment and miners often work in poor conditions. I use recycled silver to minimise any negative impact on the environment and my fellow humans. Eco silver (recycled silver) is of the EXACT same quality as mined silver, it has just been reprocessed from old jewellery and factory off cuts.

In my free time I like to see my wonderfully mad friends, spend time outdoors, climb up rocks (badly) and fuss any animals that will sit still for long enough. I also like to learn new craft skills most recently - embroidery and linocutting (watch this space)!