Jennie Lee

Jennie Best

“Trying to rid the world of disposable plastic, the items I am selling are made with love and a strong desire to help our environment.”

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*Free Metal Straw & Cleaner with every Cutlery Wrap Purchased.

*Metal Straws included in the Cocktail Wrap.

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About Jennie Lee

Jennie Lee

You could make a small change that goes on to make a HUGE difference

I am someone who is concerned about our environment, I can see that a lot of charities are doing some amazing work to clean up rubbish from our Oceans and I feel frustrated that companies, who mass produce disposable plastic waste, don’t take more action against it. If we can't reply on the companies them selves to make the change then it looks as though it is up to us!

I believe that there is a lot we can do to support these charities by tackling the route causes. I have made these items to sell in my shop with the hope that new trends are formed, I want to make these products available for those of us who wish to do a little something more than just donating money to a charity. My hope is that people will begin to make these small lifestyle changes which will have HUGE impacts in the future. Imagine how many people will notice you using your cutlery wrap or metal cocktail straw and ask you about it - (raising awareness), imagine your children seeing you using this and it becoming something that they use themselves, introducing it to their friends and to their own children one day! (paving the way for future generations)
It is these little lifestyle changes that make the WORLD of difference, so yes, YOU really can do something to make a difference.