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“Find your handmade treasure. ”

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Fate Design

I use traditional Silver Smithing techniques to create jewellery pieces you can treasure.

Hi, welcome to Fate Design.

My obession with art, design and crafts started when I was very young and has led me to different ways of creating over the last two decades. After completing an Arts degree twenty years ago I have worked with many different mediums since including watercolour, oils, clay and wood. Metal and semi precious gemstones are my favourite pallette to work with.

Some of the pieces I make are contemporary, popular and made to order.

Some of the designs come from inspiration from history using patterns from different cultures and times.

Using Artisan Silvermithing techniques including hand fabricating, fusing and casting I put every effort in to the fine details of the final piece of jewellery. I want you to have a high quality handmade piece of jewellery that can be kept for a long time so I don't use plated metals or plastics.

Some designs are an experiment. I am currently working on Celtic patterns using a fusing technique with Argentium Silver. Each gemstone has a band made for it that will compliment the stone with a setting that will protect it.

My inspiration comes from markets of old where jewellery was made from Silver or Gold.

I hope you find a little treasure for yourself or a loved one.

Prices are based on the cost of materials and the time it takes me to make a piece of jewellery. I can make simple designs quickly due to experience which is why some ring sets that are £100 plus on some sites are half the price. I chose Folksy as a place to sell as they only allow handmade goods.

If you have any questions about the gemstones used or about commissions please get in touch. All gemstones are bought from reputable fairtrade dealers. I have many gemstones in stock so please let me know if you are looking for a particular stone..

Sonja x