Victoria Tierney

  • United Kingdom

“Handmade in Cornwall, Art Dolls, Cornish Pixie Elves, Artist Bears and lots more.”

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The Cornish Pixie Elves clean up crew and maker of Dolls.

I'm Vic and I live in a small village in Cornwall, not very far from the sea, and on stormy nights I love to hear the Atlantic Ocean crashing against the rocks of out nearest beach. Most of the time you will find me tidying up after the Cornish Pixie Elves, you would never believe where I find the pixie dust sometimes. My paintbrush will discover new members of the Cornish Pixie Elf clans hiding in my imagination.
When I'm not with the Cornish Pixie Elves I'm behind my sewing machine making Art Dolls from fabrics. I really love the process of needle sculpting and drawing the features of the faces. I make all sizes of dolls from large to small and everyone is unique, they may start out as possible a fairy but end up as a witch or a unicorn princess.
Occasionally I will decided to make an Artist Bear, usually miniature ones that fit in your hand, with my favourite being Elephants. I do make the odd baby Dragon Artist Bear and hopefully will add other bears in time.