Anne Nichols

“Hand-Painted Canalware”

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About Canalia


I paint items in the traditional roses and castles style of English canals.

I've been painting canalware for around 25 years or so. I watched a friend doing it and said, "I wish I could do that!" Her response was, you can. Just try it. So I did, and here I am. I paint a whole range of things that take my fancy. I tend not to paint multiples of things - I was once asked if I would paint sets of nested wooden dolls (like Russian matryoshka) - the buyer wanted 15,000 of them. It wasn't happening: I'm a craft painter, not a production line!

I work from home in a small village in south Cumbria, and paint alongside doing other creative things, like writing, sewing and crochet, and trying to master "proper painting" as one craft show organiser put it (she meant like an artist does on a canvas!)

My stock varies depending on what I've found and felt like painting, and what has been sold, so please do keep checking back as there will be new stuff appearing all the time.