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“Wood ware produced by older men in their Maiden Lane cooperative Worksop ”

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Wood ware produced by older men in their Maiden Lane cooperative Worksop

The Camden Men's Shed has been up and running for nearly six years. Wood-turning is just one of the activities offered by this cooperative of older men. The "shed" idea originated in Australia as an activity to alleviate the problems of isolation and inactivity among senior (especially widowed) members of the male population. It taps into the fact that older chaps are not always the most adept at socialising and joining things, but can be quite happy making stuff shoulder-to-shoulder. It took off. There now thousands of sheds in Australia and hundreds here in the UK and Ireland. They tend to open fairly spontaneously with various forms of backing, but do form a network. The Camden Shed is registered as a charitable institution but is, untypically, a cooperative (others may get local authority backing or help from Age Concern or elsewhere) and needs, more than most, to cover its costs. We do this by selling stuff and taking commissions. You could come along and learn wood-turning or other skills, do your own thing using our tools and machinery or help with making something to order (e.g. Toys as motor skills aids for autistic children, installations for pre-school groups etc.). Google us to find out more, or simply buy something!