Blue Moon Valley

Heather Mitchell

  • United Kingdom

“Beautiful handmade flower arrangements, bonsai, home decor arrangements & gifts”

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About Blue Moon Valley

Blue Moon Valley

Handmade flower arrangements, home decor & gifts.

A Blue Moon doesn't come very often, but when it does it is a beautiful sight, a moment to treasure. So whether it is for a Valentine’s, Mother’s day, birthday, an anniversary or just because, don't let those Blue Moon moments pass you by.

I have always loved seeing a blue moon when it has appeared and that has been the inspiration for the name of my shop, and as it doesn't happen often it is a special moment. I feel that we should all treasure those special moments, no matter how big or how small.

I have always loved art & craft. Due to a recent flare up of symptoms from M.E. at the end of 2016 I have been unable to work full time and crafting had been a life line to me. My symptoms have eased a little and crafting gives me so much pleasure in being able to create something beautiful and unique.

I find inspiration from nature where there is so much diversity and beauty. I work in my conservatory where I can look into the back garden and see the ever changing scenes, of plants, flowers and animals (including our dogs Theo, Gypsy, and our cat Jake).
I love to be able to take something that has outlived its usefulness, is no longer needed, loved and up-cycle it into something truly unique.

Each one has been given a name and has a certificate of authenticity detailing its own story of the journey it has taken to become a truly unusual piece, and as each one has been handmade each one has its own character and charm.