Meet the maker Sasha Garrett

I studied Chemistry at university and for many years I worked as a medicinal chemist but I now find myself wanting to leave behind the world of black tars for things that are more beautiful. I took silversmithing evening classes at a regional college to help me recover from illness making pieces for myself and for family and friends. I find myself drawn to more unusual materials - the chemist in me gets excited by minerals containing random elements or interesting crystal patterns - too many years spent recrystallising things in the lab. I'm fortunate to have the space to work from home and when I'm not there I'm either down the allotment or travelling the world looking for more interesting things to turn into jewellery.
I make my settings from scratch using sterling silver sheet and wire, this is a necessity as I have a terrible habit of buying oddly shaped/ non standard cabochons but I think that adds to the beauty of the piece. I also make my cufflink backs, headpins and some of my ear wires. For my bead work pieces I start with a pile of beads and a long length of wire, then hand turn each rosary link - a 16 inch necklace made from small beads can use 1.5m of wire and take a couple of hours to do (longer if I keep dropping the beads!).
I'm happy to discuss the possibility of commissions or alter a listing if its not quite right - drop me a message.
International buyers - I'm afraid you are responsible for any customs and handling charges on your purchase, please check with your local customs office for how much that will be. If shipping for your country isn't currently on the listing you are interested in then drop me a message and I'll find out how much it will cost and alter the listing for you.