Meet the maker Jacqueline Ostrowka

Hello, a little about myself
I find this bit interesting when reading someone else's but when it's come to writing my own it's where do I start, ok here goes.

I have always been a crafter, creating/making/mending, it was something that my grandparents did so I guess that's where my creative side comes from.
I decided at an early age that one day I would make beautiful items, items that were different from whats on the high street, something for those that wanted to show their individuality, whether boldly or just a subtle hint of, that's where the Jewellery comes in.

A little studio is where the design and crafting takes place, using traditional silversmithing tools and techniques, the ideas can come from anywhere, when i'm out traveling or sat in from of the t.v. so there is no set style in my pieces, its whatever comes in my thoughts and gets transferred to paper then made, and this can change partway through if i think it needs to, what ever is going to be best for the overall design.
I work mainly in Sterling Silver .925 but also work with pmc3 which is pure silver .999, I will have the occasional item that will have 9ct gold accents, and the piece will also carry the Assay stamp for 9ct Gold along with that of Sterling Silver.
I Create Contemporary, ( Uber Contemporary as a business friend calls it) traditional, unusual & sometimes quirky pieces of Jewellery, I also make a range of energy healing Jewellery.

I do custom work in both the silver Jewellery and the energy healing Jewellery, if you have a idea of something you'd like e-mail me and we can work from there.

Most of my work is Hallmarked by Sheffield Assay Office, it will say in the description whether the piece you are looking at is hallmarked.

If you have any questions regarding custom work or relating to my jewellery pieces please e-mail me
You can find me on facebook if you would like to see what i'm working on
and my pinterest board is