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“Sterling Silver Handcrafted Jewellery using traditional silversmithing tools and techniques”

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About Jacqueline O Jewellery

Jacqueline O Jewellery

Day wear Silver Jewellery to unique one of a kind Special Occassion Jewellery

Creating something different is in my gene's, being different is me .. i like the fact that everyone is individual and we all have that something that says this is me, this is what i like, this is how i feel, this is part of my style, this is what makes me different.
With Jewellery the smallest item, lets say a pair of earrings or pendant, can add to, or change our style, subtly or in a big way. Trends come and go but our personalities are part of our make-up, and this we can show in our Jewellery pieces, perhaps this is why I love creating the unusual pieces so much.

I have a workshop which is a medium sized shed in my garden, nothing spectacular but my own space all the same, somewhere I can listen to music and sing loudly while creating away, looking out onto fruit trees, shrubs and flowers, there's always something to see, in spring the new buds through to autumn with the changing colours, the visiting birds, bee's and squirrels, even winter gives inspiration with the way tree's stand bare or snow (what little we get) will cover sections of soil while other sections seem to have missed the tiny flurry, little paw prints as the dog walks on the first covering, the clear night sky flickering with stars through to beaming sunshine, this is where I gather inspiration.

Working with Sterling Silver sheet / wire, with a Hammer, saw and soldering torch is a fabulous feeling, to be able to form it or even melt it, sometimes not knowing how it's going to turn out adds to the charm of making a piece.
I have been Jewellery making for many years trying new things along the way, one of the techniques I love is casting over straw, this is how the Fantasy Art Jewellery collection came about.
I am Registered with Sheffield Assay Office, this is where my Jewellery is Hallmarked and my Unique Makers Mark is added.

I don't think I have a particular creative style as such but most of my makes are based around nature, or just imaginative, I just go with the flow of the day and see where it leads me :-)