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“The art of hand built ceramics”

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Traditional techniques, honest ceramics.

As a professional engineer I am fascinated by fluid and sculptural forms, geometric shapes and the different firing techniques and glazing processes involved in ceramics. However, unlike engineering where precision and repeatability are key, the joy of surrendering to chance during the firing process is magical.
I work with a range of stoneware and earthenware clays, some grogged and coarse and others fine and smooth, depending upon the effects I wish to achieve. Everything I create is hand built using coiling, pinching and slab building techniques. The form is then manipulated and shaped. As the clay dries over several days, the piece is refined until I am happy with the form it takes.
Depending on the effect I wish to create, I may brush terra sigillata onto the green ware to smooth the surface before glazing or conversely, utilise natural tools to texturize the surface of the piece. Slips and oxides overlaid by multiple layers of glazes to add depth and texture are another way of creating a three-dimensional piece.
After the initial firing, the alchemy of glazing takes place. For me this is the real magic. I can mix glazes, fire and soak for repeatable results, but no two are ever the same.
The ceramics I make are objects to be looked at and touched. Art should be a multi sensory experience to be enjoyed by everyone.