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“Sustainable Knitwear and Jewellery Hand-Made in Devon.”

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Woolly Minded

Handmade, woolly knitwear with a conscience.

Woolly Minded began as my graduate collection at Chelsea College of Arts in 2015, where I studied Knitwear Design. I wanted to produce a collection of unique but wearable knitwear that celebrated the beautiful colours and patterns of nature, whilst also being 100% sustainable, ethically sourced and traceable.

Now, I continue with this same ethos; designing and making every piece by hand at my home in Devon. I only use sustainably and locally sourced wool and alpaca yarns, and where possible use the beautiful colours found naturally in the wool.

My jewellery is inspired by the wildflowers that can be found in the British countryside, and for these I use upcycled embroidery thread which I crochet by hand.

I really believe that fashion should be fun, but that it should also have a conscience. My aim is for people to connect with my whole process of making, and to produce unique, sustainable, woolly knitwear that people will love.

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