a wooden tree - art prints

Kirsty Anderson

“Floral animal prints inspired by my wonderful woodland textile creatures.”

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About a wooden tree - art prints

a wooden tree - art prints

Illustrated prints based on my floral textile animal creations.

A graduate of Grays School of Art in Aberdeen, my work for the past ten years has been inspired by wildlife and taxidermy. I make textile animal heads with vintage and new floral fabric, these illustrations have been inspired by the my textiles and the animals I love. Using the florals from the fabric mixed with real plants to create whimsical portraits for you to enjoy in your own home. Recently coming back to Folksy this year to share my illustrations in their own setting.

Each illustration is drawn and painted with watercolour and gouache then digitally manipulated. The prints are un - editioned and I only use recycled print stock. If you would like to see my other work have a look over on my instagram feed.

Thanks so much for coming to say hi and please email me if you would like wholesale enquires.