The Purple Saurus

Rachel Davis

  • United Kingdom

“Plushies Galore and More Besides!”

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About The Purple Saurus

The Purple Saurus

Adorable stuffed toys for everyone!

The Purple Saurus was born from a lifelong love of cuddly toys, and my wanting to make a cute teddy for my other half for our first Valentine's Day together =)

As well as the usual teddies, dinosaurs and other animals you might get Plushies variations of elsewhere, I also like to hunt out patterns for the more unusual, or rather "things that I love yet can't find cuddly versions of anywhere". For example, I currently have Axlotl and Pangolin patterns waiting to be tested!

The business is named after my second plushie, the very originally named "Saurus", the original Purple Saurus! He is also the CEO, so everything has to be run past him =P

Purple Saurus HQ is currently wherever I can cut fabric and set up my sewing machine whilst my other half and I are waiting to move in to our house, so I can't wait to get my very own sewing room set up and increase productivity (and of course have lots of room for storing scrummy fabric!).

Aside from the plushie-related cuteness, I love cooking and baking, drawing, animals, history and heavy metal =) Oh, and I am obsessed with Rottweilers ^__^

Come and join me in my little (ad)venture =)