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About Seven Hands

Seven Hands

Art makes me and I try and keep out of the way!

This painting is of Salts Mill in Saltaire. It's the view from the front of my house and from my converted bedroom studio. We are quite high up and the view stretches to Haworth wind turbine. It's a beautiful view. We have trees to the right and behind the house with a green. I find Salts Mill most inspirational both structurally and as the light passes over it's surfaces, and have painted it many times.
I have taught Art for over 20 years to hundreds if not thousands of children and a few adults! A few years ago I decided to change direction and am retraining to become a counsellor, but still work in schools at present. My hope is that my Art will be involved in the counselling somehow, as I find making Art very peaceful and calming. It never ceases to interest me in how it evolves and comes out. The idea may be one way but the art is organic and moves to become something totally unseen.
What inspires me is colour, form, texture and pattern. This mind acts like a pictorial sponge and churns all input around until it comes out as a piece of gilded clay work or something fun like my fairies. Certain shapes resonate more and you will find them crop up in my work many times like spirals and hearts, and certain colour combinations. As I write this it's autumn and the trees are ablaze with golds, coppers, oranges, browns and greens. It's a veritable feast to work with.