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About silverspiral


Crafty hands and an active mind makes lots of lovely handmade gifts for all the family

A bit about me ..
After leaving school .. back in the day, I went to work at Sirdar, a well known wool mill in Wakefield, where from the raw materials the wool was washed, spun, dyed, coned and balled.
I loved the Job, i used to get the wool in skein and have to transfer to cone, it was a big noisy machine, the different kinds of yarn and colours were amazing, who would have thought that white was not just white, each batch had a different batch number, this was because they had been dyed at different times so one white batch would be so minutely a different white to the last one dyed.

I remember being very young and my grandma trying to teach me how to knit, fascinating how she could knit me a matching Skirt, Jumper and hat in a matter of days, it was like watching a robot with extremely fast moving arms lol, I guess this is where my interest in wool and knitting came from, my other gran used to crochet with fine cotton, and she taught me how to sew giving me my first ever singer sewing machine, ( not the electric kind ) she also had one with a treddle which she let me use when I went to visit, needless to say at 13 one of my chosen school subjects was sewing.

The Jewellery making came a little later on, with other aspects of crafting, creating something pretty and usable seems to be engraved in my mind, make do and mend was the slogan when I was a child, at 14 I was designing my own clothes and proud to be wearing them, if anyone in my family had some spare material or yarn i would bag it and create something new for me to wear, so in reality crafting has always been a part of my life, sometime's it was a means to an end, now just something i thoroughly enjoy.

I work from home, grabbing any time I can to do the crafts I love, It's a non smoking home but i do have a little dog, he's not allowed anywhere near my fabric or yarn working area and everything is securely covered and packaged away when completed, ready to send on to the customer.