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“Made in Cornwall, With Love & A Sea View......”

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Julia's Driftwood Furniture & Lighting

The sea supplies me, I just gather it up.....

My passion for Driftwood was born when I discovered and fell in love with Cornwall.
Walking along the beautiful beaches provide me with, what I can only describe as ‘Treasure’.
The moment that I pick up that piece of wood I know exactly what it’s going to be, the climb back up the cliff with a heavy backpack full of wood is all part of the fun

Having an outlet for my creations is more of a relief than a job; I have so many ideas constantly filling my head.
I am self taught with only a background in creative den building, Born in East Yorkshire and moving (escaping) to Cornwall in 1994
Yorkshire made me practical and Cornwall give me the freedom to create; the two together make a good combination.

I make a wide range of furniture, lighting and home accessories from Driftwood and other recycled materials.
I've been doing this for 22 years (half my life), but I turned it into a business back in 2008.
All my driftwood is hand picked in Cornwall and sometimes Devon if I am brave enough to cross the Border :-).