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Special keepsake heirloom collectable dolls

Welcome to Rosedaledollco,

I am Alice, the maker and creator keepsake handcrafted dolls. All my heirloom creations are lovingly created in my little village in Norfolk called Rollesby in which I moved to a couple of years ago from London to live the country lifestyle.

I have always loved pretty fabrics from a young age, always standing out to me but the real turning point came shortly after my dads passing. I felt like I needed something different to occupy my mind. I started to see handmade dolls popping up on pintrest/ Instagram etc. I just fell in love and couldn't wait to try my hand at it.

The first fabric I ever brought was from a fabric shop down Walthamstow market, I remember spying it while sitting in a cafe directly opposite. I saw it in the window and thought I would just take it home and give it a go.

I had to start from absolute scratch learning from other artists online from videos and pictures as at this point I didn't even know how to use a sewing machine! I have come quite a way since then, learning different techniques.

Went onto learning hand embroidery which I now actively use to create my dolls faces which I find gives the there unique looks & expressions. I am inspired by all sorts really, but I really just love a good Pinterest browse to get the craftbuds tingling! the inspiration is endless.

Each doll is made one at a time to ensure I give my all to each creation., putting so much love into each doll so you receive something truly unique and special each and every time.