Rock Troll

Rock Troll

“Hand Made Crafts Forged from Folklore and Fire”

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About Rock Troll

Rock Troll

Hand Made Crafts Forged from Folklore and Fire

I create fine silver jewellery inspired by the art passed down by our ancient ancestors, in particular the inscriptions found on British Iron Age metalwork.

I create my fine silver pieces using PMC (Precious Metal Clay) a medium in which fine silver particles are suspended in an organic binder. It can be worked much like any other clay.

Once a piece is complete and has been left to dry I fire it by hand at a high heat. The binder burns away and the silver particles fuse to each other. The final product is a piece of fine silver, or 99.9% silver.

(PMC also contains a high percentage of reclaimed and recycled silver!)

Each piece is then cleaned and tumbled before being burnished by hand to highlight individual detail and finally polished to give a high quality finish.

Fine Silver is purer than sterling silver (which is only 92.5% silver combined with metals alloys such as copper) and it tarnishes a lot slower and as a result needs to be cleaned less regularly.

Each piece is completely unique and is hand crafted by me in the wilds of Dorset

If you have any questions about my work or individual pieces please don't hesitate to get in touch.