Kitchen Table Quilts

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Kitchen Table Quilts
Kitchen Table Quilts

pauline priest

“Hand made Quilts made at home on my kitchen table machine pieced and hand quilted ”

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About Kitchen Table Quilts

Kitchen Table Quilts

made with love

I started quilting about 16 years ago after going to my local community centre for a patchwork and quilting course I loved sewing any way and I certainly got hooked , I was an avid knitter still do a wee bit , but my grand children are growing up fast and prefer the more modern things !!!!!

Every one has one of my quilts and it got to the point I had no one left to make them for , so decided to try and sell them , because its a passion and I am one of those people that has to be doing something with my hands . and I could keep myself busy

Then Sadly my best friend was diagnosed with dementia and he would get so agitated and pick at his skin on his hands till they bled and shred tissues... . I had never heard of dementia fidget blankets, but another friend encouraged me to make one, it helped him so much and even his tremors would stop , this for me was a massive turning point . .. my dementia fidget blankets are made with 100% love , I get great joy knowing that they will help , and I can donate on a regular basis to the Alzheimer society for every one sold . every one is different , people think they should be made different for Male and Female but with dementia the object is to stimulate and keep those hands busy and alleviate that agitation , but I am always happy to make what people want for their loved ones . After lots of requests to adapt my fidget blankets for challenged children, and talking to Mums and \dad's I also started making activity aprons, sensory blankets etc and am always open to suggestions for what you want ... I live in Lancashire but come from Jersey Channel Islands ,and love it here . I am now retired so can sew till my hearts content . and raise funds for a great cause . I am a wheel chair user (since the age of 38) am not an Olympian , but have never let it stop me from working raising a family and just getting on with things. I am a cup half full girl .