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“Handcrafted gifts and personlised items for you and the ones you love”

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Welcome to my shop of cute and funny items. We all need something to make us smile

If you can't see anything that matches your requirements, just message me and I will be happy to help. I do so love a challenge

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Thanks for dropping by and welcome to my shop of animal inspired gifts.

I first started making things by watching my nan sewing at her Jones treadle sewing machine. This now takes pride of place in my own home, purely as a decorative feature, with my nan's photo alongside.

I have always made things and even when very young I always asked for craft kits. I have done a variety of things decoupage, knitting, upcycling furniture, interior design. Basically anything I can create from scratch and put my own mark on it.

My normal day is spent working as a Client Relationship Manager, dealing with every aspect of pensions however, my creativity is let loose in the evenings/at the weekend. I enjoy working in my garden which is where I get a lot of inspiration from. Nature changes all the time and I like to represent this in what I make.

I love working with wool felt as it is so versatile but hard wearing and very soft. I only use CE marked wool felt so it is safe for children. I also like working with cotton as there are many beautiful colours and patterns. I try to source all my fabrics in the UK and if possible support local businesses.

I like to make items that will bring a smile to people's faces, life is far too serious sometimes. I take great care and attention to detail to ensure my customers are happy.

I enjoy doing personalised commissions so if you don't see what you need, just message me and I will create your bespoke item.