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  • Unique Handmade Bramble Wrap

    Unique Handmade Bramble Wrap

    Dawson Road Studio


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  • January Light Scarf

    January Light Scarf

    Dawson Road Studio


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  • Natural Beauty

    Natural Beauty

    Dawson Road Studio


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  • Neon Comfort Shawl

    Neon Comfort Shawl

    Dawson Road Studio


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  • Mint Humbug

    Mint Humbug

    Dawson Road Studio


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About Dawson Road Studio

Dawson Road Studio

Joyful slow made heirloom textiles.

I am an artist and maker who finds great comfort in working with fibre - spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting and embroidery.

I follow my heart, making work instinctively, inspired by the colours of the seasons and often silly ideas that pop into my head.

Growing up in the Sussex countryside, I learned from my creative mum, who was always spinning, weaving, knitting... I always loved it, but didn't always think such slow paced work was for me. Now I see the technical restraints as a challenge, as well as soothing my soul.

I now live near the sea and downs in Folkestone, with my own creative daughter, bengal cat and labradoodle. Connecting with the landscape both urban and rural, is still a huge influence on my work.


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    Reviewed by anon_342629

    Love this picture. Nikki was very helpful and I'm really pleased with the purchase.