DeniM Jewellery.

Denise Milward

“ Profit still for Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield.”

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About DeniM Jewellery.

DeniM Jewellery.

I draw and paint with beads - I adore bright colours and finding new combinations is a firm favourite of mine.

I'm no oil painting,but if the photo hasn't put you off,welcome to my About section. You've probably realised from the picture,I've got umpteen medical issues, fortunately none of them can be passed on!
In another life, I was a teacher, but my health put paid to that a while ago. Steve (husband) was also a teacher and we had a couple of decades in the job. Now we're retired from schooling, Steve writes music (on the PC) using keyboards and synths. Most afternoons he'll be in one room playing while I sit beading - a great combo - and I'm almost invariably surrounded by cats. We have six moggies,and even as I'm writing this I've one snoring to my left,one quietly asleep behind me,and a third tapping at the patio door to be let out. I think I'm possibly making up for a childhood where cats and dogs were a no-no because my dad was in the Army and he was posted all over the world,taking me and mum with him. I was incredibly lucky to go as far away from the UK as Singapore,back in the days when flying there needed two stops for the plane to be refuelled. No passenger jets then,and thirty hours' flying time.
I started beading by accident in the early 80s. A chance look at a bead catalogue,in the doctor's waiting room,tempted me to buy a couple of kits as Christmas presents for my cousin's two teenage girls. When the kits arrived, i was hooked. Very few people made jewellery as a hobby,but I found a couple of bead supply companies and the rest is history. I "do" the odd local craft fair,but poor health restricts that. As I had a brain haemorrage three years ago, I now have to take things more gently,so making jewellery is a good distraction. I must have tens of thousands of beads,living in craft boxes,upstairs.Lord help anyone who has to sort my effects when I'm dead and gone!
One last little thought...I believe that the indigenous peoples of the mid-west USA have a lovely saying - "God is the only being who makes perfection" Perhaps we all should live up to this,by letting us make the odd mistake without beating ourselves up about it!