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Ragdoll Ragdoll Girl or Boy is a Treasure to have and not just a Toy!

I just love Ragdolls...

After visiting many craft fairs and being unable to find the perfect ragdoll of my own, I decided to have a go at making one. I was really surprised at the pleasure I got from the whole process, from sourcing the materials, designing the face and naming her, to then inspiring to create my own company. I was so proud of my very first doll and there was a lot of interest in buying one from friends and family. This encouraged me to take the plunge and soon after my house became a 'dolls house' with multiple ragdolls in every room at different stages of the making!! With me holding down a full time office job, my weekends became full with doll making, but I loved it. It was ridiculous, and I simply couldn't wait for the weekend to come to make my next creation. It was a hobby that I have hopefully turned into a business and I often wish I had thought of doing it years ago. Better late than never, I like to think.

I live with my partner and we have two lovely children, a fifteen year old son and twenty year old daughter. They are all extremely encouraging about what I do, however I still try to make sure the doll making does not take over my life! My business is still in it's early stages and although I have years left before retiring, it is something I can do for the unforeseeable future, something I love to do. I hope people like my Ragdolls, I guess time will tell but in the meantime, I am enjoying it.

I would definitely encourage anyone who enjoys making things to give it a go. There's really nothing to loose and you never know who will be interested in your creations.