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Mossymoo Crafts
Mossymoo Crafts

Karen Clarke

“Handmade, how cool is that ”

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About Mossymoo Crafts

Mossymoo Crafts

Handmade is what its all about

Hi my name is Karen, I have been making handmade items for several years now, but only been on Folksy for 2 years.
The name of my shop is Mossymoo Crafts, I named it after my black labrador called Moss,She is a rare sort of labrador not in her breeding but her attitude to life. Unfortunately she is scared of many many things, the current list contains, the death cushion, the wicker basket from hell, the ironing board of certain death, my husbands trainers we call them the puppy killing shoes because they sometimes squeak on the floor, plastic bags,loud noises,fireworks,cars revving their engines the list gets added to every few weeks. But she carries on and does her best to protect the family from the many dangers around her. We also have a working cocker spaniel called Bramble, who is the exact opposite of Moss,confident,loves people,loves other dogs. So using my dogs personalities I took the plunge and decided to sell the things I make.
My main interest is making decorated boxes using decoupage, it is an artistic sleight of hand,what appears to be a painted design is in fact paper glued into place. In most of my designs the natural world is my inspiration. In my other life outside of crafting I am a gardener and it is also my own garden that takes up a lot of my time.
Many thanks for reading this and dont worry about Moss she has a lovely life surrounded by her family who love her and accept her funny little ways and as you can see from the picture above most of the time she has a great life.