Glass By Lydia Haines

Lydia Haines

“Stylish contemporary kiln-formed glass wall art, glassware and jewellery, created in pursuit of bold design and quality craftsmanship. ”

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About Glass By Lydia Haines

Glass By Lydia Haines

Stylish contemporary kiln-formed wall art panels, glassware and jewellery created in pursuit of bold design and quality craftsmanship.

Welcome to Glass by Lydia Haines! I am a Leeds-based kiln-form glass artist.

Much of my work is about life, energy and movement. I am passionate about life and about living life to the full! I want my audience to engage my work in the same way - to feel, to touch, to delight and be invigorated.

I am intrigued by the effects of light on the hues and tones of the world around me. Using glass as an artistic medium allows me to work with light, manipulating its reflection, refraction and transmission through textures and forms. I draw inspiration from the world around me and transpose its vigor and movement into the rhythms and patterns within my work.

People who come to me want something different - something unique, not from the high street - a 'wow factor', something that brings their home or office space to life and reflects who they are.

At Glass by Lydia Haines, I offer a broad selection of visually arresting handcrafted fused glass wall art, installation, objet d’art, interior accessories and designer jewellery.

I also offer a friendly design service that tailors to your palette, budget and specific requirements. I am experienced in working with designers and project managers, and I accept corporate and private commissions. Feel free to have a look at my website:
for images of wall art, installation and past commissions.

You can also contact me on