love wild birds

clive blakey

“hi energy nutty delights for our little feathered friends”

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About love wild birds

love wild birds

At love wild birds we really know how to spoil our little feathered friends.

Pauline and I live in the heart of Shropshire, an idyllic spot teeming with wildlife. Our farmhouse is 200 years old and the roof is collapsing and leaking like a sieve. It is work in progress which has enabled us to set up an art and craft learning centre in the newly renovated cow shed. We even had radio Shropshire down to take a look. But why am I producing a range of delicious birdy treats. As a very keen bird enthusiasts I couldn't understand why food was being left to go mouldy. I also found it very difficult to find out what ingredients were being used on the commercially produced food. This information would possibly enable me to pin point why the birds were leaving some feeds behind. Maybe birds are just as fussy as us. Anyway, a strange coincidence developed, one of Pauline's clients who has his own nut processing factory told us how he feeds the birds. Pure nut meal sprinkled on feeders. I had to try this to see if it was as good as he said. In fact it's beaten all expectations. On an average cold winters day the birds in my garden will eat excess of 3kg of nutmeal and not leave a single morsel. What a result. Now, what if I could make a range of easy to use products that the birds can't resist. A totally natural but highly nutritious feed that will be eaten throughout the year. By mixing the meal with pure British dripping I managed to mould the nutritious meal into a range of useful products, some of which you can see on my Folksy shop. My everyday feed or luxury gift wrapped presents have been a great success with garden and bird lovers. Parcels of nutty delights have been sent to nearly every county in the UK. However, what gives me the greatest satisfaction is the feedback. A customer from Dudley just wrote to me to say that within 5 minutes of hanging the nutty cup a wood pecker started tucking in. It is wonderful to receive video shots and photos from all over the country and to know that my micro operation is bringing hours of pleasure to other like minded souls.