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Liza Packer

  • United Kingdom

“Welcome to our eclectic mix of handmade creations for the home and beyond. ”

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LP Designs

Small handmade gifts, using wool, beads, wire, fabric and wood, we eat, sleep, dream, and make.

Hello and welcome to LP Designs!

We are sisters Liz and Lin living and working in awe inspiring Cornwall.

We have a passion for all things handmade and arty having studied Fine Art and Graphics respectively.

We like to make things as and when we feel inspired and creative so many ideas so little time! We use any spare time that we do have to make items together or separately, using a variety of materials such as wool, fabric, paint, wire, beads and recycled wood, plastic, metal and cardboard.

Somedays we are knitting and crocheting whilst other days we are bending wire and hammering nails, all to release our built up creativeness.

We welcome enquiries and if we can make it for you - we will.

Liz and Lin x