Izabela Rocks

“Unique crochet jewellery and accessories”

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About Izabela Rocks

Izabela Rocks

Go where your heart tells you to, not where the blind crowds lead you to...

I love unique things, wearing jewellery that nobody else will have on them makes me feel even more special. We are all special and have things that we love and are only ours. This is why I make my own jewellery, I also like my things last for years, or if they break they are repairable. I put my heart and soul into all the things I make, I try new techniques and use best materials I can. If you are looking for something cheap and for one season only, this might not be the best place, but you can still find affordable earrings and bracelets...
Crocheting and weaving silks was always my favourite way to make things, so I have incorporated the techniques into making jewellery. Added semi precious stones and metals to accent on the nature and earthy feel of the items, because this way I feel closer to the Mother Earth...

At the moment I make my jewellery in the spare time I have after work, but when I have some more spare time you can find me on the road, riding my motorcycle and enjoying time of freedom.