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About Jane Crick

Jane Crick

Bold, colourful cards, gift wrap and art prints inspired by flowers, nature and the Suffolk coast

I am, by my own admission, an incredibly loud, very busy and bright kind of person.

I create colourful cards, gift wrap and art prints of flowers, plants, pets, animals and the Suffolk coast which I love!

I work on the land - on my own allotment or tending gardens for clients in my local area, being inspired by their beautiful gardens and plants!

Everything is designed entirely by me and printed in the UK to a professional quality by The Lavenham Press - where my partner Adrian works. The paper used is from well managed and sustainable sources, and the card used in my greetings cards is FSC accredited. The Lavenham Press work to high environmental standards, using traditional litho printing methods for my gift wrap and digital print for my cards and tags.
I do all the 'hand finishing' myself at home - cutting, punching, folding, threading, packing...

I trained and worked as a Graphic Designer for over 20 years - during which time I started to develop my own style of illustration using vector art programmes on the Apple Macintosh.

I produced a few cards and a couple of canvas prints for a local art exhibition which were well received. So tentatively, I created some new designs!

A year or two later I managed to give up my graphic design day job and along with some garden maintenance work and a few days a week in a friend's gallery - I am managing to survive 'mostly' from my art!

Gift wrap is my passion - I love seeing my designs repeat endlessly, on paper or fabric which I have recently been experimenting with via digital print!

My Christmas gifts always used to be immaculately wrapped, my friends would comment on it and keep my wrappings from year to year to put on their tree. I guess designing your own gift wrap is the ultimate in obsessive gift wrapping behaviour?

I also jointly own and manage The Handmade Shop & Gallery in Bury St Edmunds. Which is a group of hand picked talented East Anglian artists who jointly stock and run the Gallery on a day-to-day basis. It's kind of like a 'bricks and mortar' style Folksy!

I have been featured in many local and national publications, and attend The British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate regularly - selling my products wholesale to quality independent gift shops and galleries in the UK.

When I'm not creating new designs, or looking after my family and very ‘vocal’ Burmese cat, I can often be found at my allotment, fighting the never ending battle against the weeds!

I hope you enjoy my designs!