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Autumn is here! I've got a stall coming up in West Sussex on 11th November for many, many more items. Check out my Instagram for all the details or DM me on ihanapost@gmail.com

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Handmade crafts from the British countryside

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am desperately broody for pets. My real job in the world of spreadsheets doesn't really allow me to have one at the moment so what's the next best thing? Looking at other people's! I've got an endless supply of photos and videos of cute fluffy things belonging to friends and family, the very same people who are forever telling me 'you're so creative, you should sell those'... so I thought I'd try. There's a limit to how many pictures of dogs I can put on my own walls after all, right?

I'm also inspired by the wildlife and scenery I see on my rambles in the South Downs, New Forest, and my favourite, the Peak District. That's what has inspired my little bird and bunny decorations.

As for the name ihana? It's Finnish for lovely. I may have lived here in Britain for over 24 years but it would have been rude to not use something from my native language somewhere on here...