Handmade with love - Ceramic Art gift shop

Ian Siragher

“From 3D technology to 3D ceramics”

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About Handmade with love - Ceramic Art gift shop

Handmade with love - Ceramic Art gift shop

Slip cast ceramic art, made with love and digital 3D printing.

Our work is inspired by a love of ceramic art, and a fascination with slipcasting. Having settled on slipcasting as our making technique we then decided to bring to that ancient art all the benefits of 3D printing.

Many of our pieces begin life as a 3D file, often designed by us, then printed on our own 3D printers. From there we make our own moulds, then cast and make the pieces.

This approach gives us multiple opportunities for things to go wrong (and they do) but also gives us a wide range of unique products.

Having reached the point where we could make nice things, we then decided to experiment with diiferent glazing, giving a whole new depth to our work. We sell online and art craft fairs around the country.