Hope & Grace Jewellery

“Healing stones and beautiful pearls (or just elegant and pretty jewellery)”

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About Hope & Grace Jewellery

Hope & Grace Jewellery

Simple, elegant jewellery with a twist

My adventure as a craftsperson began originally back in about 2009, when my daughter Grace started coming home from her school’s Silversmithing Club, wanting help with various projects. Then a friend had an afternoon’s jewellery-making class as part of her “hen” weekend, and the die was cast! This was quite a surprise for someone who’d been firmly told at school (and later) that she wasn’t creative…

Eventually, when I ran out of friends and family to make presents for, and (for the third time) someone said “Have you got a website?” I thought I’d better do something about it! I finally appeared here on Folksy in December 2013, and you can occasionally find me in person at craft fairs around west London.

Over the past few years I've discovered a real passion for beautiful and interestingly cut semi-precious stones, crystals and freshwater pearls, and I try to do them justice in simple and elegant settings with sterling silver, or 14ct “rolled gold”. Each piece is a one-off creation, so you can be sure of wearing something unique. Most of the stones I use have a specific healing purpose, but you can just wear the pieces as pretty jewellery if you prefer.

My ambition is to reclaim the dining room table (usually covered in different stones or silver elements, so I can change things around until the piece “feels” right) and have a studio at the bottom of the garden.....

Follow Hope & Grace on Facebook for details of where to find me at craft fairs: https://www.facebook.com/HopeandGraceJewellery